31 August 2009


Global Warming. Water Pollution. Air Pollution. Acid Rain. Biodiversity and Habitat Loss. Overfishing. Ocean Pollution. Topsoil loss. Crop Chemicals. Depletion of Natural Resources. Toxic Chemicals. Hazardous Waste. Deteriorating Oil supplies, Food Insecurity. Abject Human Poverty…

bigstockphoto_Global_Warming_217540 3

Just Breathe.

Except those breaths may become short suffocating breaths, the air is sick.

Cleaner, Greener, Leaner they say. But few listen.

There are just so many problems in the world that this class is investigating. Why haven’t we done anything  about these problems? Surely, we have not been ignorant this long? It seems we have the data and technology to address many of them. Have we humans stepped in the way?

I hear its possible to provide energy for almost all of the United States by installing solar panels in a large desert area… WOW. Really? Hard to believe at first, then not. It sounds fairly simple. Why have we not done this?


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