01 October 2009

Know Your Impact.

Very rarely do we know how our lives affect others.

We are simply unaware. The choices we make: the things we buy, the ways we travel, our investments of time, money, love… all choices with impact.

Sometimes the impact is good, sometimes it is bad.

I think it is important to think twice. Think twice about the things we are buying, selling, using, reusing, throwing away, consuming, etc.


Because it has an impact, a footprint. Environmentally speaking, all that we utilize to make our lives easier or more efficient or better may involve harm for the future.

The most American-natural thing, like driving a car to work, releases Carbon into the atmosphere. This is harmful to our society. It has proven to contribute to climate change and a host of other problems. But let’s keep it simple for now…

Think twice, be aware of how you consume (because it is inevitable that you will consume, we are a hyper-consumeristic society).

I encourage, to strive for less consumption, and know your footprint.

Today’s footprint will show us the path to the future.


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