14 September 2009

We can learn so much from nature…

a humpback whales’ irregular shaped flippers, a vulture’s tipped-end wings, a spider’s web, the list goes on and on…

All these uniquely designed animals have led us to some amazing technological advancements. This is what biomimicry shows us.

(Biomimicry = emulating nature to solve human problems)

Por ejemplo:

An African termite mound providing an architectural design model for contemporary buildings. These termite mounds regulate temperature and are self-cooling. By studying their structure its structure. Architects implemented this design in the East Gate Center in Harare, Zimbabwe. It has no conventional air conditioning or heating.


In our discussions on the Natural Step’s system conditions, I am struck by #4:

“Humanity should not be subjugated to conditions that systematically undermine their capacity to meet their needs.”

Basic human needs like: food, clothing, shelter…

What has the world come to when all we produce, consume, and waste inhibits the basic necessities of life?!


Thanks to this class, my brain hurts every time I stare down at my trashcan!

I nearly gave my car back to my parents this week too. I was determined to bike everywhere. Not completely practical since I live away from school and work, but an effort I wanted to make all the same.


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