No Impact Man

No Impact Man was very impact-full to say the least.

What I liked the best about this documentary was how it ended with the importance of being aware.  So many times we feel alone in our personal choice to live environmentally conscious lives. We feel as though our minimal efforts will have no effect unless a mass action occurs. It was not just about individual action, though still important. This film was about being more aware of our impact and not cruising through life with a cloud of exhaust — exhausting resources. The no impact man used his foray into a somewhat eccentric lifestyle to create awareness. He is eccentric only because he was radically different than our mainstream capitalistic, consuming culture. For that I applaud him. We need more radical and eccentric people willing to put their comforts aside and engage in critically evaluating the norms of society. Norms that are beginning to show a cycle of destruction and lack of sustainability.

This movie made me want to buy all my food at Farmer’s Markets and support the local economy more. It is really easy to do here in San Diego too! There is a farmer’s market almost every day of the week. I’m also encouraged to continue to commute on my bike more.


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