We recently read a case study on Starbucks and how this corporation has incorporated environmental and social awareness in their mission.


Their mission includes:

  • ethical sourcing
  • environmental stewardship
  • community involvement

Starbucks partnered with Conservational International to strive towards a common goal. Goals including fair trade for coffee growers, better coffee growing techniques, and adoption of good environmental practices.

This case made me see the benefits of a non-profit and corporation partnership. Yes, you can make money and be good at the same time! I enjoyed reading this article because it showed collaboration at its best. And this is an important dimension of sustainability… collaboration.

A lot of groups are anti-corporation and hyper-local. I have been one of these people for some time, yet I’m beginning to see the pros and cons of big companies. When NGOs like Conservation International target the large companies like Starbucks to think and act differently and consciously, then big changes can happen. Often times there is even a ripple effect. Once other competing companies see how profitable a company like Starbucks can be, even with the environmental and social additions, they too may be inclined to do the same.

Check out this link to investigate Starbucks’ mission more closely:

Starbucks Shared Planet


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