excerpts from the organic front – j.i. rodale

Sir Albert sums up his work with the classic statement, “Artificial fertilizers lead to artificial nutrition, artificial animals and finally to artificial men and women.”

Every indication of their research pointed to the fact that only where the soil is rich in humus will you find well-developed mycorrhizas.

In his book An Agricultural Testament, Sir Albert Howard said that “on the efficiency of this mycorrhizal association the health and well-being of mankind must depend.

“If the doctors would see to it that our food is raised in soil rich in humus as well as in the penicillium-type organisms there would be less need for using penicillin as a curative agent for human disease.”

Aristotle referred to it as the intestines of the soil.¬† — Worms

He (Charles Darwin) discovered that in a fertile field well populated with earthworms, they would produce an inch of new top-soil every five years. They also destroyed the larvae of many noxious insects.

German chemist, Liebig discovered that plants need NPK to grow (Nitrogen, Phosophorus, and Potash).

Only God can make an enzyme.


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