Urban Aquaponics

Last year, the UN predicted that without proper restructuring of the fish industry, the oceans could be depleted of all fish by 2050. Overfishing, environmental disasters…what’s a conservationist to do?





Found this great blog with some awesome designs on it: http://endlesssustainability.wordpress.com/

“Rural agriculture is most likely to be less blessed with stable rainfall over the next 50 years.  Indeed, in many areas of the world fertile farmland can now expect to be ‘desertified’ as serious rainfall reduction is experienced. ‘New Scientist’ magazine reported on April 10, 2004, that by 2050 cities and towns along the west coast of the United States – from Seattle to Los Angeles — could face a 30% drop in annual rainfall.”

“The two scientists who reported the reduced rainfall possibility for the US west

coast are Jacob Sewall and Lisa Cirbus Sloan of the University of California at

Santa Cruz. The implications of their climate modeling are (a) that the US west

coast’s traditional agriculture will be seriously jeopardized and (b) that water use

for food production will have to change dramatically.”

Rooftop aquaponics…“Heat islands can affect communities by increasing summertime peak energy demand, air conditioning costs, air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, heat-related illness and mortality, and water quality.” One of the biggest benefits to rooftop gardens is that they absorb sunlight, using the suns energy to heat the greenhouse and allow the plants to grow. At the same time this is lessening the overall amount of the sun’s energy being applied to the building.”

This is all sooo fascinating. Why are we not doing more of this?!

It’s being done in Berlin… http://www.spiegel.de/international/germany/0,1518,800376,00.html


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