Food Desert or Food Swamp?

City Heights is a good example of this. We are not a food desert either. Many people assume it is. There is an abundance of markets. It is more a matter of what people choose to buy/eat, access to culturally appropriate sources, and educating on the health impact of American food. We spend a lot of time encouraging growing your own food and creating better access to affordable organic options.
Yet, I still have conversations with farmers that eat fast food often due to the convenience factor. Another point being that the farmer is too busy growing/harvesting/selling the organic, local produce that she doesn’t have time to enjoy it herself. There’s also the point of better protein sources, which I of course am more directly involved in with our aquaponics (tilapia growing). I think a lot of the issue has to do with how we spend our time. We’ve lost our value of the family dinner time and the sacred act of cooking and sharing home-grown meals… engaging article.


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